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Laboratory of Politeness (2019)


Laboratory of Politeness is a temporary platform to unlearn the notion of politeness and explore the possibility to interpret politeness as a humorous gesture. She guides the platform to share knowledge and experience as well as generating critical awareness of politeness through conversations, group discussions, and behavioral exercises.


Politeness is a way to be close to as well as to keep a distance from people. It can be defined as the display of care but also as the gesture of rejection. They suggest slow intimacy, waiting for a natural break and finding the right moment to intervene. Politeness is about warm smiles and small gifts. They advise you to avoid gossip, money talks, the appearance of eccentricity. They recommend that you remember names, give people the upper side of the pavement, and to celebrate others’ success. Do not be too loud, too passionate, too nice, too close. Think of Barack Obama. Think of white middle-class women. Remember that being polite is a privilege. Do not show your own superiority. Do not envy any superior excellence. Try polite emoji, polite sex, polite noise, polite hate speech. Imagine if you are polite to Siri, plants, and people experiencing homelessness. Beware of not being addicted to politeness.


Performance at AGGRESSIVE GESTURES -part2 at Werkhalle, Union Gewerbehof, Dortmund, Germany: Co-organized with Marie Gavois

(photo by Tina Dunkel)





"Post-it installation" at NEGOTIATED MANNERS at Verkstad konsthall, Norrköping, Sweden





"Polite rejection letter practice" at NONSTOP performance festival at ID:I Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden: Curated by Merzedes Šturm-Lie


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